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Friday, February 6, 2009

Power Supply Has Arrived

I got the power supply from Mouser today and will build the circuit in the near future. Thanks to Greg who directed me to a thread on I was able to find this little gem.

It's affordable, has a 92% efficiency, it's very small at about 1.25" x 2.00". It's capable of 40A at 2VDC which, makes it almost perfect for this application. Why is it almost? Well 40 Amps is not enough, to power a cell in a vehicle, I will have to run several in parallel, but at $30 each I think that’s OK.

I don't understand how I’m supposed to get 40A through those little tiny pins but I have faith it will work. My last concern is that while 92% is a pretty good efficiency I'm still loosing 8%. If this cell is ably to do 6mmw an 8% loss would bring the total efficiency down to 5.52mmw which is achievable with a simple 5N cell. So the question is – Can I make more than 6 mmw with a no loss cell?

I have a few ideas but it’s getting elaborate and has nothing to do with this 0N cell design. First idea is to power the cell with a Z-Max TGM, TEG or other Seabeck effect device.

The second idea I have flies in the face of common opinion. Rather than keeping the cell cool I propose heating the cell from the exhaust to bring the efficiency up.

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