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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HHO Research Leaches

Boy have I got a ton to stu over with you … I’m feeling annoyed.

I’ve noticed people who share only enough, or a few commonly known facts to appear that they are part of the HHO community. All the while asking questions and perfecting their product. Never saying anything meaningful about how they accomplished unrealistic levels of efficiency or the mating of a protozoan. I’m sorry but if you aren’t sharing openly, what you have learned; you are a gloater, and a leach, and you are not part of the community of HHO researchers.

What bothers me is that it’s so subtle that no one seems to notice. Or maybe we are just being polite, and not say anything. But I hope when their products become available; no one buys them. Why should we support a leach? Or maybe one person will buy it and cut the damn thing open and show us on YouTube how our advise and research was used to develop their product.

Well I’ll get off the soapbox and wait for what ever comes my way. Just remember, people like Zero, Scarecrow, DMBing, LutherP, Mars, jdcmusicman, AllgoodAutomation, MarkJ30, johnaarons, sidyoung, david7900, sirHOAX, Craig Moore, I and a whole lot of other HHO researcher share for the good of the planet everything we know. Sure we may try to turn it into an income, but we put it out there for others to learn from and improve upon. We open source our knowledge.

I'm sorry but it just seems wrong to beg for answers in the forums and never share the results.

Bob Campbell


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