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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'll leave the Blog up but it's clear that I may never find the time to play with HHO again.


  1. Why is everyone leaving hho?

  2. HHO offers sporadic results depending on your vehicle. The two I used HHO on did not improve. The cost of creating a highly efficient generator does not have payback.

    I simply lost interest.

  3. Echo...

    Hi Bob, Remember my try to know how occour if we have an electrolisis into a closed box, without escape for gas?
    My rersearch have try to see HHO falling down in water it self. But it is not proper corrected! First step: before to condensing HHO in water it must explode (implode). The second step is the steam of water as a result, and now at a simple volume steam collapse (falling down) in water when steam lose heat, third step.

    Then, exists an hight pressure of HHO, then implode it self? And if that hight pressure exists, the reaction is similar to the steam production, or we can found helium trace?
    Or better said: exists an hight pressure or a critical mass of HHO does some hydrogen muting in helium, during the first step of implosion?

    It might be, the helium products has this chemical explain:
    Standard case:
    HHO + electron = steam (H2O + heat) = liquid H2O (losing heat and losing volume)
    Helium production case:
    HHO (in high pressure or in critical mass) = steam (H2O + heat) + H2O2 (oxigen water as precipitate) + He ^ + heat

    An H-bomb do it, but it is made from Hydrogen atoms only, and the first step is generated from an atomic explosion to do He ^ + heat (a lot of heat) .
    So, is it possible to do not incinerate everythings? Make He ^ + heat (not too much heat) from HHO?

    My question is changed from 6 years ago. Thank you for your attention.


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