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Saturday, January 31, 2009

High efficiency cell

$187.00 60A DC converter

Or build the board using a PTH12030W/L for even less money. But this would also require adding a filter circuit.
By feeding each plate with it's own voltage (+-+-+-+-+-+-) the current losses should be completely eliminated and there would be no need for neutral plates. The plate voltage can be adjusted with precision thereby maintaining peak efficiency. Current limiting protection is already incorporated into this device.

Assuming 6mmw and running this DC converter at 50A 2VDC or 100W (slightly below it's maximum rated output ) the HHO output would be 600 ml/min. If more HHO is required just add more units. More testing will have to be done to determine if better than 6mmw is possible. I have heard that 8mmw has been achieved by the EBN crew. I envision this small supply being incorporated as part of the dry cell unit, there by reducing the wire harness to a single wire input and reducing losses due to wire resistance.

I'd like to hear feedback on this idea.


  1. You cannot measure efficiency of the system by using the power on the output of the converter. You have to use the total power consumed which is the power being consumed by the converter. Since converters are typically around 75% efficient, that means 25% of the power fed to them is wasted within the converter. This means that if 100W is available at the cell, there has to be approx. 130 - 135W total consumed by the converter with the cells attached.

    The real MMW would then be 4.6 - 4.4 MMW respectively. Not the 6 MMW that this article suggests.

  2. Please see , no need KOH, NaOH, Any sodium. 1LPM HHOgas less 10Amps per cell, Low power


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