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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The sweet spot

It appears that 2.15v is the sweet spot. At least for the 0N1 cell I tested today with a precision power supply that Greg loaned to me.
All the test were done at about 13.3 degrees C. No corrections were made for temperature. It only needed to be relevant to itself since it was all the same temperature.
The exposed surface of each plate is 4" x 10" with a 40 mil gap.

Not included was a test at 9v and 108 amps. It was more for fun than anything else. The efficiency dropped to about 1.5 mmw and I almost lost my battery cables doing that. It produced over 1.5LPM! Keep in mind it's just two plates. The temperature jumped up to 79 degrees C. According to D3's Faraday calculations I hit 128%. I'll admit it was a bit frantic and my measurements are probably of a bit.

I built this 0N1 cell to see if a single cell (at the sweet spot voltage) would work better than a cell with neutrals. Turns out they are both about the same. I had planned to build a true series cell with 6 individual cells in series. But I believe I've confirmed that the neutrals do just as good a job. I had always had my doubts because if you look at a wet cell most of the bubbles seem to come from the end plates.

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  1. Bob,
    I'm sure you know this but for those who don't, one should calculate .25 watts per square inch of exposed surface in order to keep the generator from over heating. Can a cell, such as this one, take more amps...sure, but is it worth the headaches? I think you've answered that already.

    Nice test. Thanks!


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