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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

HHO Plate Size Matters

A larger plate area produces more gas and appears to be directly proportional to surface area. Preliminary testing results in a constant of about .275 milliliters per minute per watt per 100 square inches at about 4.5 mmw. More testing needs to be done to verify the accuracy of that constant. But without a doubt a larger plate area produces more gas.Larger can be achieved either by adding cells or by using larger plates. One cell being any array beginning with a positive and ending with a negative plate, such as +nnnnn-.My theory is that too much HHO can be detrimental to the miles per gallon achieved. HHO works because it is a fuel additive, and creating too much HHO will waste electrical energy due to the alternators load on the engine. It may even have a negative influence on the timing of the fuel detonation. The important factor is the efficiency. More on that later

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