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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Affordable Amp Meters

I ordered a clamp on AC/DC Amp Meter from Sears a few days ago. The clamp on meter is more versatile but it costs $60.00 - close to $80 with shipping. For an HHO test station the Fuse Buddy would look very nice and it's one-fourth the price.

Here's a link if you should wish to order one. It's called a Fuse Buddy and it's only $16.00 +S&H.

If you want a multi meter with clamp on AC/DC amp meter at a good price take a look at this:
Craftsman Digital Clamp-On Ammeter - Sears item# 03482369000 Model 82369,%20Testers%20&%20Accessories&psid=YAHOOSHOP01&sid=IDx20070921x00003b

Digital clamp-on ammeter. Measures AC/DC current up to 400 amps with 3.0 percent (VAC) accuracy without breaking the circuit. Also measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance, continuity and diode. Type K thermometer allows for surface or air temperature measurements. Display is an extra large 4000 count LCD screen. Also includes one-touch auto zero, belt holster, molded rubber holster, auto on/off, test leads and thermocouple.

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