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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Battery Charger and Power Supply too?

I’m disappointed with my pursuit to set up an HHO lab. I like to think outside of the box, and usually I’m pretty creative. I thought I could do it without spending a lot of money. So today I was telling a friend how great my new battery charger is. I even made a video to show the results obtained from battery vs. the big honking battery charger I just got. Look at my mmw!

But I was left with some serious questions about why these results should differ. Ohms law is the law. And my results flew in the face of it. Why? …. I was not able to get it off my mind. Then I thought about how the battery charger was getting its power from an AC source. So I stuck my AC Amp meter on the DC output and found that it measured a current. Oh No! My DC supply is pulsed. This has got to be why the amperage differs from the solid DC battery source. I’m back to square one or back to using my truck alternator for a power supply. Hmmm how about an electric motor to turn a car alternator…

Bob Campbell

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