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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Resistance of Stainless Steel Plates

I brought this point up before. How does the resistance of the plates affect the efficiency of a cell? After watching a video by markj30 I knew he could help. He has built a long thin cell with connections at both the top and bottom. Here is the message I sent to him and his reply. I think this topic still deservses more attention.

My Message to Mark:
Considering the higher resistance of stainless steel. I'm wondering what would happen if I introduced voltage at both ends as you have. I'm hoping you will do that test for me since it appears that you could easily remove the leads from one end. If the plates had even .1 Ohms of resistance that would consume quite a bit of power as heat at 20 amps. I see this as a way of making a significant improvement in my design and would appreciate your assistance. Bob Campbell

Marks reply:
“I did not notice any real difference in MMW with in the connections at the top, bottom, or both. However I did not fully test to see whether I could draw more amps with both the top and bottom connected, having two leads instead of one however should help with overheating problems due to too much draw. If I come across anything interesting in this area I will let you know. The more efficient the unit, the harder it is to get the amps up, but you probably already knew that.”

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