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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Conductivity and Resistivity of Water

Below is a link to scientific research done on the conductivity of water at various temperatures. It's difficult to follow if you are not familiar with these principals of math, but the general idea that water becomes more conductive at higher temperatures is easy enough to understand. I post this here only as a reference for those science minded individuals who are inclined to study and experiment with these properties. - Bob Campbell

"The most accurate values to date were determined for conductivity of water from 0-100°C, permitting new determination of high-temperature hydroxide ion equivalent conductance. These values were incorporated into a fundamental water coefficient table including hydroxide and hydrogen ion mobilities, water ionization constant, density, conductivity, and resistivity. The conductivity/resistivity values were measured with a multiple-pass, closed, recirculating flow conductivity system, with improved multiple resistance temperature device measurement, and improved analysis of temperature and impurity effects. An accurate conductivity knowledge is necessary to understand water-limiting processes and to facilitate the analysis of trace ionic impurities in water."

Truman S. Light,a Stuart Licht,b,*,z Anthony C. Bevilacqua,c and Kenneth R. Morashc


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