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Thursday, September 25, 2008

License Plate Electrolyzer

This is a sketch of my latest idea for an electrolyzer. The advantage would be that it hides comfortably behind the license plate. This would allow easy access as well as an advantageous position whereby the electrolyzer would be placed at a low level on the car. By keeping the electrolyzer low, the bubbler/reservoir would be easy to place at a higher location within the engine compartment.

By using 10 mil gaskets and 20 gauge 316 stainless steel the total thickness of the electrolyzer would be less than 2 inches thick. The plate where the plumbing is connected may have to be in the range of 03 gauge to accept the threads. The terminal plates could be made with tabs that are bent toward each other and overlapped to create a terminal bar. A terminal bolt would be inserted through the overlapping terminal bars.

In the drawing on the left, the positive and negative poles would need to be reversed so that the plate nearest the car is negative. This is shown correctly in the drawing on the right.

I’m afraid I’ve got a lot of construction work to on my schedule right now and may not be able to build this little gem for a couple of months. As always I want to put this idea out into the HHO community as open source and hope someone will go ahead and proceed with this plan. In my not so humble opinion I think this is a great design.

I'd like to hear your ideas and comments.

I love the smell of HHO in the morning.
Bob Campbell


  1. This cell could be called the licensed cell, or the secret cell, or the license plate cell. What do you think? What's a good name for this cell?

  2. or you could call it the stolen cell or ripped off cell or the cell you were told about by the way when you release yours. Then I'll release the original from 1989 with all the magazine articles from sema where I originally showed the cell before I told you about the cell.

  3. Does it appear that I'm trying to make money on this? I've provided pictures and even an AutoCad file so that others can produce this cell if they wish to.

    Too bad you kept you project such a secret.


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