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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Q and A

Q: What is the model # of your Sears 12V batter charger?

A: The Sears battery charger is the 225 Amp model. It has a small air compressor built in and cost about $130.

Q: How did you come to settle on the dry cell model? Was the wet plate set up just not cutting it in the efficiency area?

A: I like dry cells because space is a problem in most cars, and this seems to be the most compact design. It also solves the problem of current leakage, as the edges of the plates are not in a solution. By avoiding the current leakage at the edges; a higher efficiency is achieved.

Q: Are you currently selling the long dry HHO cell?

A: I am doing this research in order to market a product, but I'm not ready to sell anything yet. If I were to produce this cell for sale I would run the compression bolts through the gaskets and the plates rather than outside of the plates. This is more expensive to produce, but I think it would provide a higher quality product. I have had no problem with fluid leaks, but going through the gasket would make it even more certain not to have any problems. I would also use steel end plates in order to save about 1/2" of space.

I made this cell to fit into the bumper, or in front of the radiator of most cars, but I wanted to be sure that the convection would still cause the electrolyte to flow with such a low profile. Convection does cause the fluid to flow, but there is a slight advantage to tilting the cell so that the outlet is slightly higher. The best mmw I have archived with this cell is 5.76mmw in a vertical position.

I'm over loaded with remodel work as a building contractor right now, but in a few weeks I hope to have the time to run tests again. I have some interesting experiments in mind. I want to run three different experiments. Keeping the other variables constant I want to experiment with the effects of temperature, levels of KOH, and plate spacing to see how each change affects efficiency. I'll be posting the results right here.

Bob Campbell

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