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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Conclusion To The Power Supply Dilemma.

In my previous YouTube video, I thought it was the pulsed current throwing my meters off and distorting the data. But Zero said “Well, I don't know if it's distorted or not. Think about it. Just because we're hitting it with peak voltage that’s higher than the RMS value, the RMS value is still the same. Wattage calculations remain the same.”

OK, now I’m thinking – how can I get my car to act like the charger? After all the production was higher and the efficiency much better.

Hmmmm… I think on this, and talk to my friend Richard who knows about car electronics and he says, “Your car has an alternator with diodes, it also delivers a pulsed output”.

The alternator operates like the battery charger. The diodes send a pulsed current to the battery. The idea that I needed a laboratory power supply with perfectly filtered DC output was wrong. I’m believe a battery charger with a battery will simulate the power system of a car better than a steady lab quality power supply.

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