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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Possible Breakthrough Stumbled Upon

Supplying similar voltage from a power supply vs. two batteries results in widely differing results. I made a YouTube video, intending to show the importance of a good power supply. But the unexplained results are most likely due to a pulsed DC voltage.

At first I thought this was causing my meters to read incorrectly. I asked Zero Fossil Fuel to comment and he pointed out that RMS values are valid. So then perhaps this is something to look into. Below are actual results of my tests.

Charger Only:
123.7F, 12.3V 14.15A 1LPM = 5.74mmw
Battery Only:
122.4F, 12.2V 5.97A .33PLM = 4.53mmw

Spiking the pulse voltage may be a way of increasing mmw.

Notice that twice the amperage is being drawn from the Battery Charger and that the mmw is 26% higher!

More research needs to be done with this idea.

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