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Friday, October 3, 2008

Without temperature, the data is fiction

This video shows a cell producing 500 ml in 21 seconds at 14.2V and 6.1A. This would lead one to belive that I've achieved 16.5 mmw.

It's important that all documented videos include accurate data about Voltage, Current, Volume and Temperature. Otherwise the claims are just fiction.

This looks like I'm making HHO at about 16.5 mmw. In reality it's mostly steam.

When posting videos about your experiments, please include Volts, Amps, LPM and Temperature.


  1. Hi Bob,

    Cool video. What do you think about boosting a vehicle with steam and HHO together? I was just thinking maybe steam could add to performance just like HHO, and maybe cool the engine (evaporation) a little as well? Just a thought.


  2. Yeah, steam is also one of the benefits of HHO but for measurements of HHO output it would be cheating.

    Lutherp30 had a good suggestion. He said run the gas out through a radiator to condense the water vapor.



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