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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No possible current leakage cell

I don't know if this is possible but here is my idea for a No Holes Cell, with no possible current leakage.

I'd love to hear your opinions

This rectangle gasket (blue) seals the entire edge of the plate (yellow) If the gasket material were very stiff, and maybe 100 mils thick. two intersecting holes could be cut to allow the fluids to pass through the edges and between the plates. The holes would create a "T". While this drawing shows the holes on the side, It would be most advantageous to put them in the top and bottom of the gaskets.

There is other work being done that I think is important to note. Watch the video linked below to see what David7900 is doing on YouTube.


  1. hey bob , I made a dry stack design simalar to yours , its works great .In my opinion this design has to be more eficiant than a water bath type. My plates are 4x6 ss I have an have 1/2 in wide gasket cut from truck inner tubes My outer panels are cut from a poly cutting board from wal martthe plates are all drilled at top and bottom with 5 1/4 inch holes to allow fluid and gas circulation.

  2. That's great. Did you use the Campbell Gasket?

    I want to be sure you know about the Mars Gasket and the Phobos gasket. I think this is the ultimate solution to current leakage.

    Bob Campbell


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