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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Mars Gasket

The Campbell Gasket was tested. The 40-mil PVC shower pan liner proved to be too flexible and I am in the process of reconstructing the cell with new Campbell Gaskets made of acrylic.

Today I found that Mars1952 on YouTube has been building a cell with a similar concept. I’ve included a picture of what I perceive his design to be - with some of my own embellishments. The gasket design that Mars1952 has come up with is called the Mars Gasket

I want to build a cell with the Mars Gasket to see how well it performs. I believe his design is superior to mine, in that it is much easier to construct. It is thinner and less expensive. If both work equally well; which I believe they will. I will have to concede and let the Campbell Gasket fade into infamy as a valiant attempt to control current leakage.

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