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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Phobos Gasket

Phobos is Mars closest moon. My new gasket, influenced by the design of the Mars gasket is called the Phobos gasket. This is a retrofit gasket for EBN style and other dry cells with holes bored straight through.

There are two gaskets that cover the holes with a protuberance from the side of the standard gasket shape gasket; which was designed only to seal the edges. These protuberances would have a slit similar to my version of the Mars gasket to allow the exchange of electrolyte and gases through the existing holes in the plates. Between these two gaskets would be a third gasket made of 6-mil plastic with the same shape. This center gasket will block the current leakage from the edges of the holes. This three-layer gasket would double the plate spacing but I have found a 20-mil PVC pond liner that could reduce that thickness to a total of 46-mils.

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