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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The new efficiency standard!

Occasionally a great idea comes along that you just can’t ignore. We are about to see a change in the standard of our efficiency data.

Mars1952 has done it again. Here is a post by Mars that will explain what is soon to become he standard of HHO efficiency testing.

For an Excel spreadsheet that calculates this new mmw go to:
If you want to factor in the temp of the HHO into the MMW you need to measure the temp of the gas as it flows into the meter. The formula is:V1/T1 = V2/T2 V = volume measuredT = temperature in degrees KelvinMeasure the gas temp in Celsius (or Fahrenheit and convert to C) To convert Celsius to Kelvin add 273 to the Celsius measurement. (If you want to be precise add 273.15)
Let's say you made 1000ml of HHO @ 38C (100F) using 166.7 watts (MMW=6.0)Later you make 1000ml of HHO@ 20C (68F) using the same 166.7 watts (MMW=6.0)Obviously gas expands when it is heated so you made more gas in the second example. To compare the two you need to convert them to the same temperature. Either convert them both to a standard temp (Faraday used 25C) or in this case we will convert the first example to 20C.
Plug in 1000 for V1, 38+273 for T1 and plug in 20+273 for T2. Now solve for V2 and get 942.1.So converting the first example to 20C yields an MMW of 5.65.Of coarse we have not considered the difference in water vapor.I just looked this up last night in my wife’s old chemistry book. If anyone knows a better way please PM me.MarsWhat do you think of it? I think that we should use 25C as a standard temp.Mars

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