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Friday, October 3, 2008

Really interesting sites suggested by Greg T

Thanks to suggestions by Greg, I’ve become aware of a wealth of information about many types of alterative energy. To begin with I’d like to direct you to a site that could take weeks to explore. If you dare - go to
Warning – This is so interesting; you may not surface for a very long time.

Recently a man in South Africa has placed faith in himself and the guidance of Bob Boyce. He is taking his audience on an adventure to recreate the Boyce Cell. Watkykjy has spent over $50,000 on this project and has documented each step for all to learn from. His direct communication with Bob Boyce adds insight that so many have wished for. Currently he is producing HHO at better then twice Faraday. By the way his name means “What are you looking for?” Thanks Greg this is a great story!

Bob Campbell

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