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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Version 2c of the MMW calculator

I had a few suggestions and made the changes to my xls file. Here's the link to my latest Excel file that calculates mmw and compensates for temperature/gas expansion. Stay tuned there may be even more improvements to even more accurately figure mmw.

I will always keep the latest version of the MMW Calculator at:

This Excel file works in Open Office.
Open Office is an Open Source program and free of charge. It can be downloaded at

I also wrote this spreadsheet in Google. I don't have a clue about how to share it though. Ask Mar1952 about the Google spreadsheet.


  1. Bob, After thinking about this again... I'm thinking without considering the electrical energy used to heat the water in your cell (wasted energy), as well as the HHO gas expansion from heat, the overall efficiency formula may still be off. You'll probably need to incorporate the heat loss in the water to determine the exact energy efficiency. See what I mean?

  2. Say you're use 50 Watts of electrical power achieve 5.00 MMW over 2 minutes.. The whole time you are generating HHO you are also generating heat (usually) which could be consuming about 5-10W of your input power.

    So a 5.00 MMW energy efficiency of 80 percent? Could actually be 85-90 considering the heat output.

  3. You are correct. Spending electrical Power to heat the cell brings down the efficiency. That’s why the Phobos and Mars Gaskets work so well. The leakage current prevented by these gaskets reduces the heat, which has actually shown up as burn marks on my plates. That’s a sure sign of heat!

    The basic equation for MMW is Volume/Time/Power. The heat generated is created by the Power going into the cell. Look at the equation. The larger the numeric value of the Power, the smaller the resulting numeric value of the mmw. Since we take that measurement at the connections to the cell it is all accounted for.

    Therefore the Power wasted as heat is accounted for in the basic mmw equation. This new equation simply accounts for how much the gas has expanded due to heat.

    Remember it is wasted heat (Power) and it is not producing gas. Therefore the volume is not being made larger except by expansion. The only measurement not fully accounted for is steam. Steam will throw our data off a lot more than the expansion of the gas due to heat. These are two different things. The expansion of the gas we are accounting for in this equation is not the expansion of water to steam.

    To make completely accurate measurements some scientists fill a balloon and find the displacement of the balloon at 25 degrees Celsius. By filling and cooling the balloon, the water vapor condenses back into water. The volume of that water is then subtracted from the volume displaced by the balloon,

    For my research I may condense the steam and water vapor before it enters the volume displacement chamber. This seems simpler to me.



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